Cairo and the Nile at night from the 6th of October Bridge. 
Best. Breeze. Ever. 

Downtown Cairo. Old European-Style buildings. Busy, crowded, just the way I love it. This specific square has been the scene of many famous films. Its used for flashbacks, but in black and white, in reference to the good ol' days when all the Europeans lived and prospered in Egypt. Long before poverty, corruption, and overpopulation. 

But this is Egypt. And I love it. 


  1. [photography] The view of the Nile needed more warm colours and less cold like the blue on the right. The rather poor focus subtracts from the quality, while in the downtown picture its adds a lot. The blurry overlap fits just right for this view, and strongly illuminates it for more vivid colours.

    [commentary] Best breeze, indeed. Refreshing with a hint of nostalgia, but mostly as enchanting as vintage wine. Technically though, they were mainly the French and the English. And I am not sure whether monarchy can overrule poverty for the common population.

  2. haha thanks joe. but there were polish, greek, and armenian people too.

  3. Oh well, Armenian people mainly came to Egypt because of the diaspora after the genocide in WWI. And in respect to "prospering", the aforementioned countries are bystanders.