For Sale

People everywhere are selling everything.

Exhibit A:

Woman selling carpets, tissue boxes, car accessories...etc. where else but in the middle of the desert road.


Gamaa Bridge

Rare image with only five cars in the picture. Probably because it was around 7:20 am. 


Stories from the Street

Meet Mahmoud.

He's 10 years old. He carries around an old rag and wipes dust off cars to raise money for surgery that he needs to fix some burns. How did he get so badly burned? He was playing in the street near his home in the slums and people had lit some trash on fire. He fell and his clothes and skin got caught on the fire, hence the burns. He has an older sister who is married. And he used to have an older brother who died from getting electrocuted. He does not go to school.

The way he talked and the heavy look in his eyes made it seem to me like I was looking at an adult stuck in a child's body. He has probably seen more than I'll ever know.