What we're famous for...

How do you expect to find a blog about Egypt but no Pyramids?

You don't.

Long exposure photography is amazing. How else would you be able to take a picture of something that would otherwise be pitch black?

These pictures were taken during the "Light and Sound" show. I may have grown up right next to them, but the Pyramids never cease to amaze me. 


Just throw it in the bag

I just love the colors on these bags from Khan-al-Khalili, otherwise known to tourists as the bazaar. 
In fact, the whole bazaar itself is culturally colorful. People who barely know how to read and write can speak English, French, German, Italian, Polish, Russian, Greek and any other language you can imagine. Its pretty funny since as you walk by they try to judge where you're from and say "Hello, we have bags, papyrus...etc" in three different languages until you respond.
Welcome to an extremely tourism-based country. 

What do you think of the bags?