I have no idea what these are called in English...

But here they're called teen shoky (spiny fig?). Its a fruit you can buy off a kart, peeled and ready to eat. So here's this dude selling them on his kart and he's talking on the phone while peeling them for a customer. Mind you, the little black dots, those are thorns. When I watch people peeling them at home, they wear protective gear like they're going to the moon. Thats if they arrive home in the bag. Usually they tear through the plastic bag if you're not careful. And everyone loves them. I don't. They're too much trouble for a fruit. Whats wrong with Mangos? At least they don't try to hurt you when you eat them.

But maybe Egypt is like teen shoky. You can't get too close at first, but once you peel back what can hurt you, its pretty sweet inside. 

Maybe I'll try some tomorrow. 

[Edit: They're called opuntias. Thanks ya Youssef.]